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Rwanda: About Iwawa prison island, President Kagame describes The New York Times as “pathetic”

Teenager detained on Iwawa prison campTeenager detained on Iwawa prison camp

During the press conference on Tuesday May 11th, President Kagame came out strongly against a damning article by The New York Times in which it revealed that youths are imprisoned in harsh conditions on Iwawa island in Lake Kivu.

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President Kagame said that Mr. Jeffrey Gentlemen, the author of the New York Times article, is a “person very fond of writing negatively against Rwanda”.

According to Kagame, the journalist wrote the story “as if he carried out some daring operation to go and discover an island where secret activities are taking place that suggest repression …”, when in fact he had been invited by the line minister.

Mr. Kagame described the article as “pathetic” and accused The New York Times of hiding behind “professionalism” to consistently “tarnishing the image” of the country.
“This is how manipulative some people can be,” Mr. Kagame told the press conference.

Indicative of the seriousness of The New York Times allegations, the question was asked in Kinyarwanda but President Kagame refused to answer in the same language, saying he wanted to respond to an article published in English.

The question of the Iwawa island detention centre (the Rwandan Island of Shame) was raised by reporter Nelson Gatsimbazi who had visited the island and had also discovered damning evidence against Rwandan governement.
Read further and listen to President’s and Minister explanations: Rwanda: No case against governement about Iwawa detention camp.


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1 Agaculama { 03.20.11 at 3:14 pm }

Once upon a time, Kagame will not escape to the judgment, on the Earth or under God’s Law. The tragedy is that he don’t know who really is God, excepted himself. Iwawa teenagers are young Hutu prisoners who have been kidnapped in their families, like in Nyamasheke. This is one of the thousand shames of the new thousand hills Neyorouwanda.

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