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Rwanda: A coup in the air

Kagame, angry and upset!

Climate of fear and terror in Rwanda.

Next Monday, August 9, the presidential elections in Rwanda take place in a climate of fear and terror.
President Paul Kagame (RPF) is expected to win with a record score because the opposition has been neutralized in the recent months. “But there is an end-of-reign atmosphere. A palace revolution in the clan of Kagame is a greater threat than the political opposition,” said the renowned Rwanda-specialist Filip Reyntjens this week in Knack.

On June 19, General Kayumba, the former chief of staff who fled to South Africa, survived another attack. Three other generals were arrested in Rwanda itself. According to Reyntjens there is a coup in the air. “I think there is a real risk of a coup, and that can still happen before the elections. There are plenty of conspiracies, my sources tell me. The paranoia was already great, but now Kagame doesn’t not know anymore who he can trust.”

Even the opposition leader Victoire Ingabire (FDU), who after her arrest in Kigali has been in a form of house arrest, said in Knack that an internal power struggle is in progress: “The ruling party RPF is faced now with a split, and they will not solve that problem with these sham elections. I call for the boycott of this electoral masquerade.” Last week there was again a brutal police raid on her house, where two local FDU leaders were ruthlessly arrested.

After 16 years of exile in the Netherlands since the 1994 genocide, the perfect Dutch-speaking Victoire Ingabire has returned to Rwanda a half year ago. “I fear for my own safety, but I can not let my life be determined by fear,” she said. “I must overcome fear in order to continue with my struggle.”

Prof. Filip Reyntjens is irritated by the silence of Foreign Affairs in Brussels, despite the long series of political killings and arbitrary arrests. “A senior official in the State Department tells me that the Americans are very worried and assume that the regime is behind the killings,” said Reyntjens. “Rwanda is a volcano, temporarily still with a lid on. But sooner or later will jump that lid off.”

Original article in Dutch: Knack

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2 manyamuala { 08.04.10 at 8:22 am }

The People Behind turmoil in the Great Lakes:

3 Byinshi { 08.12.10 at 1:13 am }

This person Filip Reyntjens worked with the Genocidal regime of Habyarimana and enjoyed every privilege from that Government, ever since that Devilish government was vanquished, poor Filip has maintained his nostalgia for that regime and as thus he has always been involved in mudslinging campaigns aimed at tarnishing the image of the present government under the presidency of Paul Kagame, not even getting ashamed of making ridiculous statements for which he has no proof. Such Diabolic statements demonstrates the kind of wish he has for our Dear country, no wonder all these problems we have gone through stemmed from hatred seeds that were propagated by colonialists that happen to be his own country Belgium.
Filip has done every thing possible by framing the current regime as genocidal instead of his nostalgic regime that Killed many Innocent civilians in 1994.
he has been involved in the group of Genocide deniers and Negationists which group is composed of relatives and friends of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi perpetrators and some perpetrators themselves to try and get them off the shame of the heinous act.
I would therefore urge the readers of this story to give it a deaf ear as it is full of lies and misleading campaigns. To prove all this wrong, we have had a successful fair and free elections without any air of coup d’etat.
Shame on you ridiculous professor.

4 karisa maria { 08.14.10 at 9:06 am }

shame to all those who denied Genocide. Abantu barapfuye amahanga areba ariko ababona ibyo bidahagije bagakomeza kubyina kumubyimba wa babuze ababo Imana izabatabare kuko ntaho bataniye ninkoramaraso yameshe kamwe ikarimbura bikarangira. Ukomeretsa nutoneka baratandukanye cyane kuko mbaye uhitamo nahitamo ukomeretsa kuruta utoneka mu gisebe cyangwa inkovu. Muzibe mwese hababaye uwabuze abe bazize uko Imana yabiremeye,mwabicucu mwe abapfuye bari beza kubarusha. Ntimugapfe muzarambe nk’ imisozi,ntakindi nabifuriza. Gupfa rero ni byiza iyo utashye nk’intwari zacu. Ariko mwebwe muzapfa mwekwibukwa.

5 KABAGAMBE { 08.14.10 at 9:20 am }

Imana ereba byose ntacyo ihishwa umuntu wese ubuza undi ubuzima umunsi numwe akabura uko asaba imbabazi kandi azaba azikeneye cyane byatuma ndetse aragwa ubuzima bw’iteka. uwariwe wese ushaka kumena amaraso y’ikiremwa k’Imana yisubireho abireke areke niba hari ho nukurenganywa yemere arengane ariko ibiganza bye byere.

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