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Refugees to be deported from Zimbabwe after fight between Rwandan and Burundian refugees

Kigali: The Zimbabwean government will deport five Burundian refugees after they fought with Rwandan counterparts causing serious injuries, according to reports from Harare.

Paurina Mpariwa, the Zimbabwean Minister of Labour and Social Services, said she had already signed the necessary documentation and the refugees would be deported from Zimbabwe any time.

“We are not going to allow then back at the camp we have to deport them to their countries of origin,” Mpariwa told Radio VOP Zimbabwe. “We want to set an example.”

The Burundians reportedly caused commotion at Tongogara Refugee Camp last week when they went on a rampage beating up Rwandans – accusing them of misrepresenting their identities to Zimbabwean authorities.

The Rwandans were accused of lying that they were from Burundi in a bid to conceal their true identities.

This irked the Burundians resulting in the tension at the camp and the subsequent violence. The Burundians were arrested and detained in custody.

There are hundreds of Rwandan refugees in the Tongogara Refugee Camp who are also subject to forced repatriation back to Rwanda. They have vowed never to be returned.

After deliberations the Zimbabwean government decided to expel the refugees.

The UNHCR officials said the refugees were better off being resettled in countries neighbouring Zimbabwe.


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