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Publication of UN report on genocide against Hutus committed by Rwanda Forces in DR Congo delayed til Oct. 1.

The United Nations is delaying publication of its report on genocide against Hutus in DR Congo until Oct. 1 to give concerned states a chance to comment, the U.N. said on Thursday.

The report had been expected to be published this week. A leaked draft said Rwandan troops may have committed genocide in Congo, a charge rejected by the government of President Paul Kagame.

Following requests, we have decided to give concerned states a further month to comment on the draft and I have offered to publish any comments alongside the report itself on 1 October, if they so wish,” U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said in a statement.

Her spokesman Rupert Colville declined to say whether Rwanda was among the states seeking to comment on the report. The draft of the report covers some 600 serious crimes committed by various forces in the former Zaire during the period 1993-2003.

Rwanda said on Tuesday that it was considering pulling out all its troops from U.N. peacekeeping missions, starting with Darfur, following the leaked report.


1 Magaga Jacques { 09.03.10 at 1:40 am }

Why all foreign media are focusing on Rwanda’s troops while the report mentions many other other countries involved? Why the UN publication of that ‘report’ right after successful presidential elections in Rwanda? When were investigations made if the Report specifies that Kabila Father refused the UN Team of Inquiry to work? All these queries point to one fact: UN failure both in Rwanda in 1994 and Congo till now needs some scapegoating. UN is afraid that Rwanda and DRC governments, now in good terms, may work out a final solution of the FDLR; which would undermine the UN relevance even further.

2 musa saditki { 09.03.10 at 1:48 am }

I agree with you Jacques. Even the leaking of that UN Report, its fear to publish it both in Geneva and in New York, and now its postponing, point to nothing else than UN usual malpractices and politikings.

3 I. Nsengiyumva { 09.03.10 at 2:12 am }

While it is unfortunate that the publication of the report is delayed for one month, if it is best practice for the UN body to give time to governments accused of human rights violations to respond then Rwanda cannot be denied that right however outrageous the accusations are.

If we are sure of the facts I do not see how Rwanda will have erased them within one month. We have waited for so long and few thought it would ever come out. The Rwanda government has already behaved very badly by making threats on a basis of a draft instead of clearly asking for more time to respond before the report is published.

I am glad that the UN Commission makes it clear that the comments are not going to affect the report but that the comments will be published alongside the report. It is up to anyone to respond to those comments as we commenting now on the report itself.
It is not yet time to panick. The world has changed a lot.
I never imagined that the report would ever come to light through a UN Agency.
it might be useful to know that the current U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay was once the President of the United Nations Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. She an african from South Africa and therefore would have an understanding of african politics Having been in a high posititon at ICTR, I would think that she would know Rwanda and the present Rwandan government well enough.
Let us hope she does not have the same problem as Carla Del Ponte.

Having said that pressure has to continue to ensure that there are no undue delays in publishing the report.

4 manyamuala { 09.03.10 at 9:38 am }

UN always collaborates with the nuclear power brokers in the UN Security Council. This was the case when Patrice Lumumba was flown around Congo while being tortured by the Belgian armed forces who took him to his final death spot. He was handed over to the Belgians by the UN. However, to give Belgians “plausible deniability”, the 29 years old Mobutu was elevated to power and the video in the link below was staged for the world’s history books. He is seen ordering the manhandling of Lumumba by fellow Africans! The African faces are vital for such purposes!

“The Assassination of Lumumba” by Ludo De Witte has given a well researched account of the grizzly murder of Lumumba including the roles played by the UN, European and US governments. The brainless Congolese Africans (Tsombe, Kasa-Vubu and Mobutu) were selected for the sole purpose of offering the western powers plausible deniability. Mobutu would play this role for over 30 years before he became a thorn on butts of the western corporations profiting from Congolese resources.
This is the role Kagame swore to play when he got his training and marching orders during his exile in Uganda; the marching orders to DRC. The Rwandan genocide was merely a collateral damage to these western folks in their desire to control Congolese natural resources! If there are Africans eager to slaughter their own citizens while the western corporations reap the profits, why would the world care about poor, faceless dead Africans mowed down by their own kind?
These corporations have united all Tutsis in Rwanda, Burundi and DRC who are more than eager and willing to wage resources wars in Congo and the Great Lakes region with 100% financial and military backing from the foreign corporate looters!
To pretend that there are some investment benefits for Rwanda is a load of manure. The western corporations have never been interested in developing Sub Saharan Africa which they have controlled for more than a century. Despite the vast natural resources, the region is loaded with humongous debts from the IMF and World Bank Group. Debt is one of the control mechanisms the western corporations use to suffocate life out of Sub Saharan Africans. The looting corporations advance loans through these two bodies and most of the money go towards military equipments and army personnel used to make the looting operations secure! Security for the local African population and development of the region are never considered!

5 john ngabo { 11.29.10 at 10:01 pm } the failure of the international community,to protect and rescue innocent lives slaughtered by their mad compatriots,push them to talk about nonexistent,illogical,historical impossible hut us genocide?
i can not understand any honest person believing in hutus genocide in tingi-tingi,rutshuru,ot rubelizi,when more than 1.500.000 hutus are repatriate at high cost and reintegrated in their villages,when hundreds thousands of hutus perpetrators of genocide of tutsis in 1994,are tried by gacaca ,released from prison in reintegrated in the community?
why to spend my time and resources at illogical and not real stores?when real problems of poverty and all kind of oppression are not taken care of.
john ngabo

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