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People should not worry about General Kagame’s Legacy

by Joseph Habineza.

Minister Joseph Habineza

Joseph Habineza,
Kagame’s Minister of Sports and Culture

I decided to write on this subject as a reaction to many articles from various papers, especially from the western world where, despite commending Rwandans and their leaders on the just concluded successful ballots, they are speculating about what will happen in 2017.

Always predicting bad scenarios like: President Kagame will change the constitution to allow him seek a third term, he sent his son to a military academy to prepare him for Presidential job, and worst, what I just read in Japan Times on line of August 16, 2010. (

“Opposition leaders were banned from the election; the deputy leader of one opposition party was murdered. The three men who remained on the ballot were not considered real alternatives to Mr. Kagame: Critics labeled them “sham candidates.”

First of all, let me talk about those labeled opposition leaders who were banned from the election. In our language there is a saying: “Nta nkumi yigaya” which can be translated as “Everybody thinks He is capable.”

1. Frank Habineza, his deputy and his green party:

Frankly speaking this is just a circus of some individuals, self claimed dissidents of RPF who were not even known in that party and who don’t know the reality of this country, quite disconnected from the people.

I can bet that not only the general Rwandan public but also intellectuals of this country don’t know any of their programs nor their projects.

Just for imitating the western world they wanted to play an environmental card…..
The current government got many awards due to its commitment and initiatives in environment protection ie ban of plastic bags, conservation and protection of mountain gorillas, ….

2. Bernard Ntaganda

To lead a country is not an adventure, you need to be charismatic, have leadership skills and so many other qualities, you can’t be elected on the basis of terrorism or threats.

This man has been heard saying publicly that he has to get on power or he will mess up everything.

“Tura tugabane niwanga ndabimena…..”

3. Victoire Ingabire

How can someone who has been disconnected from a country for more than 15 years claim to know better the needs of that same people? To bring back the ethnic divisionism is cowardly.

Rwandan politics has gone beyond that, surprisingly, there are both foreigners and Rwandans who think that Rwandans are still in the 60’s. Her link to FDLR (a terrorist organization) is not a secret, even UN reports mention it.

For the sham candidates, elections are like any other competition, there are rules and guidelines.

Why should people be scared of an opposition without credentials and accept to compete with political parties that have been in existence for more than a decade.

In history, we have seen extraordinary men and women who are special and who have made a mark on the lives of people in their country, like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela to mention but a few. Now it’s the turn of Rwanda with Paul Kagame.

But as other special People, he has his mandate, don’t block his way, let him accomplish it and when time comes for him to hand over, he will do it proudly and will remain forever in Rwandan history, since he will have built a strong state and strong institutions.

When People talk about real alternative to Mr Kagame, what do they mean or what do they want? Why don’t they talk about continuity? Is there any real alternative to peace, stability, development and self confidence that Rwandans acquired under the leadership of Mr. Kagame?

What is your agenda for Rwanda even though you have no mandate to define Rwanda’s destiny?

Mr. Kagame will one day leave power but his legacy will remain, that’s why we should talk about continuity because the revolution he initiated will never stop and all young Rwandans and even Africans will be the flag bearers.

It’s an insult to Rwandans to say that after Paul Kagame, Rwanda will no longer exist. How can a country of more than ten million people lack someone capable to lead their country?

People should know that resilience is characteristic of Rwandans. We can’t experience worse than the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

But Paul Kagame with majority of Rwandans worked hard to achieve and get where we are now. We are a people with passion and determination.

That is why 93% voted RPF, as a sign of appreciation to a leadership that has transformed their lives socially, economically, restored dignity and pride.

For the first time in their history Rwandans are confident and believe in a brighter future.

I believe in my people and I know there are young, energetic and dynamic Rwandans who are working and learning hard and so that when time comes, Paul Kagame will proudly hand over, to them, the baton.

What I am sure of is that, he (Paul Kagame) will never hand over the leadership of Rwanda to people who have no vision for their country, who want to use violence as a shortcut to power, who are not connected to Rwandans.

Long live Rwanda, her people and her friends.

The author, Joseph Habineza, is Rwanda’s Minister of Sports and Culture.


1 DAVID { 08.21.10 at 11:21 am }

Joseph Habineza,you know which side of your bread is buttered.You’re in otherwords playing “bread and butter” politics(read protecting your ministerial job) so that you’re not reshuffled in the new term government by your god(read Kagame)

2 Rugina { 08.21.10 at 2:37 pm }

No surprise! What one would expect from Habineza. But however much he behaves by showering praises to Kagame or abuses to opposition of whom tomorrow he will join when he is kicked out of office in the next reshufle in the new gov’t. In addition to this, he has misfired, I know kagame doesn’t like this kind of an obsequious manner to a minister.

3 karidaru { 08.21.10 at 5:38 pm }

I do think Rwandese should be who there are irrespective of their stomachs . Habineza you are just a shame and you will pay for your stupidity.

4 Alain { 08.21.10 at 6:43 pm }

Why Kagame was so worried of people who you presumed that they were disconnected and did not know the reality of Rwanda. Abo bantu batazwi se bari kumurusha amajwi bate?? Iyo Kagame aba umugabo yari kubareka bagakorwa n’isoni abanyarwanda banze kubatora. None ubu ntabwo tubona n’itsinzi abyina icyo ayibyinira kuko nta muntu bahanganye!!!

5 yuhi { 08.22.10 at 10:31 am }

It’s funny!!! nyakubahwa ministre,minisiteri yawe ubundi buriya irakora!!! Njye mbona yaba iya sport gusa kuko umuco ntacyo mujya muwukoraho!! Menya ahubwo namwe nwo muzi!!! Ubona kweli aho umuco nyarwanda ugeze?warazimiye! Ubwo rero nawe wajyaho ugasekana!!! Naba nabariya wavuze haruguru ntibawe intebe ngo bigaragaze! Ariko wowe ni ukuri wibereye ku ntebe gusa nawe ntamiyoborere yawe ahubwo ni ikitiriro gusa!! Baza umutima wawe!! Naho abanyarwanda bo agahinda kabo kazwi n’Imana ninayo izagakemura!!!

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7 Munyarwanda w'i Rwanda { 08.24.10 at 1:41 am }

You are just a shame. Reading you article led me to think about people you are representing and I am sure the boss you are trying to caress or mollify will be ashamed to read this.
Let me tell you why:
He came back to Rwanda after more than 30 years in exile and you praise him for whatever you want to say. And you go on and say that some opposition members who don’t know nothing about Rwanda because they have been outside the country for just half of the time your boss did can’t do nothing for the Rwandan people because the were “Disconnected” from the country for long. OOOOOH my Goodness!!
You know what??? You are already fired. Come join me at the other side of the field…. I am serious … you are gone.
By saying this you show exactly the real person of Kagame about Rwanda. And you make him angry because you are talking indirectly about his inefficiency in leading the country.
Of course he does not know the country from which he was disconnected for more than 30 years and that why he messed it up. He does not care about it. He is a mercenary. I am happy you revealed it.
Before you send anything through the internet, read it at least 3 times before touching the “Submit” button. Or you may review your elementary Maths lessons because 30 years is much higher than 15 years.

8 manyamuala { 08.24.10 at 5:50 am }

Quoting you Sir;

“In history, we have seen extraordinary men and women who are special and who have made a mark on the lives of people in their country, like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela to mention but a few. Now it’s the turn of Rwanda with Paul Kagame”

What a shameless distortiom!
Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were not trained at Fort Leavensworth, Kansas (USA) and armed to go on a murderous spree which has left 800,000 and 6 million human beings dead!
The three men changed the world without firing shots! You are drunk with a load of propaganda fed to you by your foreign public relation firms who are feeding you with rubbish! You cannot whitewash what proxy warrior Kagame has done in Rwanda and DRC. Use youe head and investigate the lives of the people with whom you are comparing genocide meniac Paul Kagame!

9 Rwema { 02.17.11 at 2:39 am }

Forget about politics and look at development. Kagame has done a very good job through very hard work. Even those of us who are not in power can see it and do appreciate his very hard work. if you want to go back to the stone age choose some one else as your president.He will just be drinking beer and seating on his ass doing nothing for you. There can only be one president at a time. Support him and lets move on , do not drag us or push us backwords with poor opposition and so called alternatives. Most of what Habineza has written is correct and its out of his heart and not his mouth.

10 Umunyarwanda { 02.19.11 at 5:24 am }

Buddy Joe,
I really and completely understand you. You don’t have any choice but to praise His excellence Kagame Paul. I’m sure and certain that you know all the lies you are spelling and voicing out. One day, once you get freedom, you will be able to express yourself freely. God bless you Joe.

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