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Paul Rusesabagina on some important issues in Rwanda

Paul Rusesabagina, president of the Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation and author of “An Ordinary Man,” talks briefly about some important issues in Rwanda.

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1 Natasha Iyinkamiye { 05.16.12 at 10:10 pm }

I am Rwandan Refugee, I survived in refugee camp in congo – zaire, and in forest (Tingi-Tingi). This time I was age 12-13. But I did not survive massacred in USA (United State of America). I arrived in USA 2001; in 2008 they masscred me, they break all my bonds, they took out many parties from my body, including all my female parties, they massacred my genital very badly, they break my bonds on the my genitals, they took out my kidney, my bonds on the beggining of my back, they burned all my bonds in the my back, other parties they injured. they done massacred to me when I was only 19 years old girl. I did not have any family member in USA. I was only student in college and alone child girl. Then they choose me to kill me that way. I end up in death very badly. My heart still working, but all my body is death ready.

Thanks to include me of remembering my death resulting from UNHCR Killing all refugees even babies.

Note: UNHCR is enemy to all Rwandans Refugees.

Wrote May 16, 2012

God will prive the best for UNHCR of killing Rwandans Refugees

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