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No reasons given for 2 Ugandans detained in Rwanda – says Envoy Richard Kabonero

Kigali – The Ugandan envoy in Kigali says Rwandan officials have not declared to him the reasons why two Ugandans are being held here after they were allegedly picked up by Rwandan military personnel last moth.

The two detainees Simpson Mpirirwe and Didas Ndamiye currently being held at Police Headquarters in Kacyiru, were arrested about 20 days ago at the Cyanika border post to the north east of Rwanda.

On Tuesday, the Ugandan envoy Richard Kabonero was granted access to see them after filing the request on September 22.

Kabonero says although he met the detained men at the Police HQ, reasons for their arrest had not been given.

“My September 22 request to allow the men consular access was finally granted yesterday. I met them and they are in good health,” Kabonero told the Ugandan government daily New Vision on Wednesday evening.

He said after the 30 minute supervised visit, Kabonero says he asked the Kigali police to expedite investigations and give reasons for arrest.

“As we wait for the report, we have written to the Rwandan government asking for details of the holding charge. We’ve also asked to be allowed more consular services and accord the men legal consul access and family visits.

Our request is for the investigations to be completed as soon as possible so that they are charged or released” Kabonero explained.

He commended the Kigali foreign affairs ministry and police authorities for granting him access to the prisoners.

“Our priority was to asses their health and ensure that they are in no physical danger. They both assured me that they have not been manhandled and they have been receiving their meals regularly,” Kabonero said.

Rwandan officials have not commented publicly about the incident, apart from the interview Rwandan envoy to Uganda Maj Gen. Frank Mugambage gave last week in which he said the two detainees face serious cases.

Meanwhile, in the border town of Kabale – a major gateway for Rwanda into Uganda, demonstration have been held for two days. On Monday, more than 500 demonstrators were blocked by Ugandan police, but were left to protest on Tuesday.

They carried placards denouncing Rwanda and at some point blocked Rwandan vehicles from entering Uganda through the Gatuna border post for some minutes.


1 manyamuala { 10.07.10 at 9:31 am }

Kagame and Yoweri Kaguta Museveni are two of the many African elites through whom the colonization of sub Saharan Africa is effectively and overtly being carried out under the pretext of foreign aid!
The foreign money these guys receive goes directly towards military, law enforcement, intelligence gathering and salaries to those African civil servants supporters who are given the opportunities to work the jobs offered of these African pro-colonization proxies. All these services, paid for by the colonizers who give them orders behind the scenes, are directed towards keeping African citizens under constant surveillance.
Developing Africa is not on these African pro-colonial proxies’ radar screen. Personal enrichment obtained through brutalization of fellow African citizens is the only language these proxies understand!
The western corporations are looting African resources using these guys, yet the only people being killed, arrested or displaced are poor Africans. The looters are offered protection by these pro-colonialist to roam anywhere in Africa to do carry out all sorts natural resources on African soil. Once a resource is detected, the pretext is used to displace Africans living at that location. Brutalization and killings follow immediately the unfortunate IDP begin complaining. They are made to disappear by people who look like them! Africans are being terrorized by pro-colonial African elites! Kagame and his friend Museveni have perfected the game of “ruling Africa through the African chiefs”!

2 EDISON KABALE { 10.14.10 at 11:28 pm }

i want to thank Mr Kabonero for the information but please its almost a month yet we don’t know what offense Ugandans committed.
now where is justice?

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