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London Manifestation of Rwandans For Cessation of RPF Harassment in Rwanda

Some banners at London Manifestation

Some banners at London Manifestation

LONDON – On Wednesday 10th February 2010, a group of Rwandans and Congolese from DRC convened from 2.00 pm at the High Commission of Rwanda in UK to protest against the regime of Kigali for harassing Rwandan political opponents.
The manifestation took place in front of the Rwanda House located at 120 – 122 Seymour Place, London W1H.
Slogans on the displayed banners included the following messages: ‘Democracy for Rwanda Now, Stop Harassing Opposition, Free Joseph Ntawangundi Now.’ On some of the banners were pictures showing Joseph’s scars after the beating by RPF militia in Kigali on 3rd February 2010.
The protesters find that people have been patient enough about the crimes and abuses of human rights by the RPF regime against Rwandans.
They are very much inspired by the courageous determination of Mrs Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, Chair of United Democratic Forces UDF-Inkingi, to politically and pacifically challenge the Kagame regime in Rwanda. They told news reporters that what Victoire Ingabire has started won’t stop until Rwandans have democracy, justice and respect of the basic human rights they have been denied for the last 20 years because of RPF. They expect the world to know more about their suffering and help them make pressure on Paul Kagame to change his policies towards the Rwandan population.
Congolese who joined the protest are fed up by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Great Lakes region where occur recurring wars sponsored by international interests in the mineral resources of DRC. All recognize that RPF is the source of all the tragedies in the whole region and agree that re-instauring democracy in Rwanda will greatly ease the suffering of so many millions in the region.


1 William Forbes { 03.06.10 at 1:15 pm }

Can you please channel your energy in something more positive? Rwanda is doing very well under Kagame and its very sad that you have chose to ignore all the good governance effort the country has put in place. Many African follows envy you and Rwanda. Please it’s time you wake up and smell the coffee. Stop this non sense complains. Thank you

2 Chief Editor { 03.08.10 at 11:01 am }

Hi William,
Can you, please, be more specific about Kagame’s good governance? Which African countries envy Rwanda? I will be more than happy to hear more about you.
Also, remember that nothing gives you the right to treat other people’s opinion as “non sense complains”. So, as you say: “channel your energy in something more positive”.
I hope to read more from you, if you ally believe in what you write!

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