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Leaked Kagame speech on the inauguration day (embargoed till Monday Sept. 6)

by Jeroen Corduwener.

See original in Dutch.


We’ve managed to get hold of the speech the king is going to pronounce next Monday at his new inauguration ceremony. The unique document, which still bears the stamp High Classified Document, Strictly Confidential was given to us by a trusted compatriot, who also is close to the king. We obviously can not reveal his identity, but some of you know him as the court jester of the diplomatic corps, who worked his way up to the knees of the king. He doesn’t have much to do with that, but he hears and sees a lot indeed that we, mere mortals, do not see and hear.

The king’s speech reads as follows (embargo till Monday, September 6) – you should read this with the trailing nasal voice of Reverend Gremdaat and then in a poor English, which is the closest to reality.

“Rwandans. All of you who are Rwandans have made our appointment possible. Without you we were not a king, without us you were not Rwandans. Our thanks go out to you and we wish you the double of what you wish for the king.
We, on the hill, stand close to the sky and far from reality. But in the hour of truth, the heaven is closer than the dress; we thank you for the wisdom to give us a place close to the sun so that we can shine and our brilliance will also reach you.

Nobody will take us from our throne. And that is certainly not the maniacal personages who even today spread and bring to practice their despicable colonial minds.
Hell to the West, Hell to those who come too close to us on the hill!!
We have won this country, we have confirmed ourselves with our own forces and we have put an end to the atrocities of the genocide. The genocide which could not be stopped by the weak minds of the UN that left our hills when the hell dislodged the heaven. We have done that, we have put an end to the domination of those who brought horrors and destruction to our hills, the hills which belong to us and us alone.

We have taken the place which belongs to us, we have arranged the land the way we deem fit and we have brought unity by defining justice and pushing there those who belong to the bottom and granting the sun to the others who are behind us. That’s our law, the only law that counts.
We have rearranged the hill, determined who stays at the top and who works at the bottom; and the one who works at the bottom knows that he can only come to the top by following the king.

Hell to colonialism! We do not accept that others give us lessons, that they tell us what is good and what is wrong; that right belongs only to the king. We have that right because we have put an end to genocide. We have that right because we did just as we did to finish a genocide, with blood and sweat and at the end of the fight, nobody can distinguish whose blood and whose sweat it was.

The West has no lessons to give us; the West, the international community, the United Nations, those despicable bodies which never get on the hill because they can not come above the ground and become reality.
How shamelessly the United Nations, individuals such as Kofi Annan, the High Commissioner for Human Rights dare to want to judge us, the king. How despicable their reports, how filthy their accusations. Vicious dogs, dirty white creatures.

We, the king, do not want to be part of that international community, of these United Nations which think they own the truth and which publish without hearing words from our hill.
We know what genocide is, we have ended it; we do the same elsewhere in the world and we know the reality of the killers who are – were – in Congo. Who is protecting these murderers? The United Nations! Who left the killing fields in 1994? The United Nations! Do we still want to belong to that community which insults us, which kicks us, which wants to control us?

We do not need any lessons, we write the lessons ourselves, just as we make our laws and create our reality. We stand above that truth of the rest, we always live above them, on top of our hill. That’s why we draw back from reality, we no longer participate in Darfur and if that leads to a genocide, then that is the fault of the Western colonial ideology – that is worse than good.
Who sows wind will reap storm! And woe betide anyone who pursues the king; he will find himself back in hell! We know how to punish, we do it with words and deeds: words like divisionism, genocidaire, terrorist acts and – solitary confinement, safe house, head separated from body … who doesn’t think about it has no need for head.

From our hill, we spit on the rest of the world, those who abuse us and insult us. We tolerate those who come to us on their knees, like the French, whom we accept in our favours because they understand that, on the hill, we are always at the top,

We do not understand that the Americans with their new leader are against us and we warn that this could lead – and will lead – to major consequences, because the hill always wins.
We have won in 1994,
we won in 1995 when we certified the truth in Kibeho,
we have won in 1998 in Nairobi when brought the martyr to his happy ending,
we have won in 1996, 1997 and 1998 when we hunted down the killers in the woods and left them there as they merited to be i.e. without spirit;
we have won here in 2000 when the king took his true place on the hill,
we have won in 2003 when the Rwandans rose us to the throne,
we have won in 2005 when the civilization of eastern Congo was brought to success,
we have won in 2008 when we sacrificed our blood brother for a sacred purpose, namely the unity with Congo and mainly the permanent annexation of that part of the country that is ours,
we won in 2010 with the concepts of divisionists, terrorists and genocidaires and other concepts we introduce to define our enemy;
and we will continue to win.

We will remind the West, which revolves in truth, innocence and stupidity, that permanent feeling of guilt;
We’ll erect the walls around our hill even higher so that what happens behind them becomes invisible and thus we will win as we have always won.
Damn you, Who Are Against Us. Reality is what we decide reality is.”


1 manyamuala { 09.03.10 at 9:11 pm }
2 david nzeyimana { 09.04.10 at 2:32 am }

that is the least you can say, obviously you are a product of our ancestors who worked out of what we are suffering to day, “consequences of genocide”. what i am able to do is just to pray for you to undestand that Rwanda should live peacefully like other countries without harbouring genocide ideology and hatred amongst us. Know that Reality is not what you want it to be. Good days Imana igufashe uhinduke

3 EZRA { 09.05.10 at 6:45 am }

God is claver will never grant you what you guys manipulating his speech wish. Rwanda will continue to raise and shine strategically with out your participation and contribution. long live Rwanda long live our beloved role model Mr KAGAME. May God blease you

4 Charles { 09.05.10 at 6:47 am }

They ‘re already infected by their bad ideology gusa nubwo imana ishoboye bizayigora kuba updating imitwe yabo .muhuruka urwanda rwakera muzaze murebe uburwateyimbere

5 musa saditki { 09.05.10 at 9:47 am }

This is what they wish our President tells them. But he cannot. Those who imagined it are simply foolish or boot-lickers of the negationnists. But they will reach nowhere. Agakambye ugatega u Rwanda!

6 V.S { 09.05.10 at 3:02 pm }

Ariko se Mana y’i RWANDA,aba banyarwanda bandika amagambo nkaya nibo dutegerejemo abayobozi b’ejo haza bazasimbura KAGAME! Yewe! Genda Rwanda abana bawe baracyababara.Nawe se imvugo itagira ikinyabupfura,itoroherana,idatanga ihumure,murabona ariyo izabafasha gusana imitima y’abanyarwanda?
Mu kinyarwnda baca umugani ngo ntawe utanga icyo adafite!

7 Dee { 09.07.10 at 1:57 am }

I wonder people who take their time to prepare all that no sense, we Rwandese know where we came from, where we are and where we are heading, We don’t care about what your rotten ideas trying to mislead united Rwandese. Let them say, write or do anything else “Sibomana” we are a united Nation that will never ever go back to where we were, we have already taken a strong step that will keep our Nation shining and we are becoming a model and center of excellency in Africa and in whole world. shame on you haters!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 Jeroen Corduwener { 09.07.10 at 5:19 am }

The speech as published here was fake and I wrote him just in that way, not te be taken serious and published everywhere, without even asking my permission. Nevertheless, you could hear and see the real speech yesterday.
Sorry to disturb everybody, especially those people who have another sens of humor.

9 Gigi { 09.09.10 at 5:15 am }

I imagine an idiot like this one who takes all this time to write nonsense instead of doing something constructive for his country. Instead of spending hours writing this, you could have sat down and written a good project proposal so that you could improve your life. By ‘leaking this speech’ you only took yourself steps back in stupidity

10 emmagili { 09.10.10 at 11:12 am }

Is this one a normal person?When I started reading it,I couldn’t beleive that am on original speech,but I’ve come to know who tried to besmirch that speech.But u “BAZUNGU”(some) can’t u be concentrated to your countries’ politics?I’ve had enough of u guys.Nawe munyarwanda udashakira ibyiza urwakubyaye u’re in a wrong way,ujye wibuka ko twese tutaba aba perezida,ese mushaka ko Kagame aba a heaven’s angel?it can’t be,akora amakosa nk’umuntu.so plz mureke kwitesha agaciro mwikura mubandi.We are proud of being RWANDANS.Imigisha n’ubushishozi bibe kuri bene wacu bab’ABANYARWANDA aho turi hose.Ndabakunda

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