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Kagame, where is your accountability?

Dictator Kagame should own up to his recklessness

Paul Kagame

Paul Kagame must be held accountable for what happened in Rwanda since 1990

This is in response to Kagame’s continued heartless denial and insensitivity in an exclusive interview with the Monitor Managing Editor Daniel Kalinaki in Kigali last week (Monitor of 23/05/2010). See Rwanda’s president Kagame wants accountability.
It is so unfortunate that this well known killer has continued to shield his murderous side instead of coming out and admitting the truth as a cornerstone for the reconciliation urgently needed in the Rwandese people.

Firstly, Kagame talks of accountability as an element that holds everybody, every individual, leaders, the senior, the junior, even the systems. He says that it is lack of accountability that makes the Kayumbas, the Karegeyas and others to behave recklessly.
How about him?

Kagame is believed today to be the most reckless person the world has seen in recent times for causing the deaths of millions of innocent civilians in the Great lakes region of Central and Eastern Africa.

It all started by Kagame, Museveni and their cohorts militarily attacking a peaceful nation of Rwanda in 1990.
Then it climaxed when Kagame himself ordered the shooting down of President Habyarimana’s plane killing him instantly together with the president of Burundi in April 1994.
This reckless act by Kagame caused the civil unrest that resulted in the death of more than a million innocent civilians being massacred in the country Rwanda he claims to love.

He did not stop in Rwanda.
In 1996 he extended his bloody hand in Congo (DRC) where more than six million Congolese and Hutu refugees perished under his command and watch.

It was not at all by accident that the genocide happened in Rwanda in 1994 because Kagame knew very well what would happen if Habyarimana who was at that time seen as the only shield of the Hutus and other peace loving Rwandese in Rwanda was mysteriously killed.
However, Kagame went ahead and killed Habyarimana anyway because he knew very well that he could not gain any political power in Rwanda unless there was chaos. And it is through this chaos created by the reckless Kagame that handed the RPF military victory and political power he has continued to enjoy in Rwanda 16 years later.

Kagame observes, “The challenges left behind by divisive politics left behind by colonialists, and then totally mismanaged by the leaders who followed independence.

Surely why does Kagame want the Rwandan history of divisive politics and segregation to begin in 1962 when Rwanda got its independence? As a good leader who has Rwanda at heart, why does he address the Rwandan history right from the days even before colonialists came to colonise Rwanda and address the oppression the Tutsis were subjecting the Hutus and Twas to?

Certainly, it is this ugly truth that will help the Rwandese to confront their past as a way of reaching sincere reconciliation with the sole purpose of forging a modern and a more respectful, peaceful way of coexistence.

Again, did Kagame’s reckless act of starting a bloody civil war in Rwanda in 1990 help in the Rwandan political challenges after independence?

Kagame rightly emphasises that one should never use his or her being a muHutu, muTutsi, or muTwa to hurt others, or to the detriment of others; but surely why doesn’t Kagame start with himself?
When he and Museveni led a Tutsi dominated armed group to attack Rwanda and force himself on the political leadership of a Hutu dominated population with peace loving Tutsis, what did he expect? Didn’t he do it to the detriment of others?

Kagame has tried to justify the arrest of Victoire Ingabire simply because that Ingabire had connections with the FDLR who are genocidaires living in Congo; surely if Kagame also believes that Ingabire was abroad when the genocide happened and that she is not accused of any genocide crime, why is it criminal for Ingabire to talk to any Rwandese in exile as a way of seeking reconciliation and avoid further bloodshed on the Rwandese people? I am not Ingabire’s spokesperson but I can see where political witch hunt is being maliciously executed.

As far as the facts on the ground are concerned, Kagame caused the formation of the FDLR in Congo when he ordered the murderous shelling of the Hutu refugee camps in Congo as a way of forcing these refugees who were rightly scared of Kagame and his RPF government back into Rwanda in 1995.
More than 400,000 innocent Hutu refugees were massacred by this reckless RPF act.
Though other refugees were killed or herded into Rwanda, some escaped and scattered in the jungles of the vast Congo forests. It is from these groups that FDLR was formed.

So Kagame if I may ask, “does that make them less Rwandese?” If at all Kagame has Rwanda and Rwandese at heart as he would want us to believe, why has he decided to deceive the whole world that there are no more Rwandese refugees in Congo?
He should know and appreciate that there are some who cannot come to Rwanda to be ruled by Kagame, a notorious killer who killed their parents, brothers and sisters in cold blood in Congo refugee camps in 1995 and 1996!

Kagame even quotes that even the UN itself has information how Ingabire has connections with FDLR in Congo!
Is it now that Kagame has decided to respect the UN concerns on Rwanda issues?
Gersony was a UN expert who was mandated to investigate Kagame/RPF’s crimes against humanity in Rwanda way back in 1997. His report revealed how Kagame and his RPF killed many more innocent Hutu civilians before and after the start of the genocide.
“What happened to this report Mr.Kagame sir?” if I may ask?

Finally Kagame claims that Ingabire is being confronted in the Rwandan Courts of Justice in broad day light.
Why is Kagame then now telling the world in this interview that Ingabire has cases to answer as if Kagame is the judge in these cases?
Kagame says, “Yes we have earned a bad name for no good reason, but this woman Ingabire will certainly be put where she belongs.” JAIL!
Anyone can see that Ingabire’s case is a well predetermined one by no other than “pilato” Kagame himself, and it is a waste of time to wait for the outcomes of the Ingabire case in Rwanda as many had predicted.
However, I would like to warn Kagame, his cohorts and henchmen that all peace loving people of this world are watching this injustice being executed on the innocent people of Rwanda, and God did not create them to be killed or abused with impunity.

Kagame, where is your accountability then?” I conclude today.

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