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Kagame Warns Exiled Generals On Destablising Rwanda

President Paul Kagame has warned exiled Rwandans planning to destablise the country that the Kigali establishment is fully prepared for them, Chimpreports reveals.
“Those in exile who may intend to destroy what we have achieved should know that we will not accept this,” warned Kagame.
“When you build something, you have to ensure it lasts, and guard it against destruction,” he added, in what was perceived as a warning to Rwandan political activists and military men living exile who have since threatened to cause trouble in his country.
The President made the remarks on Monday afternoon in Gicumbi during a citizen outreach programme.
During such trips, Kagame freely interacts with locals in one-on-one discussions to understand issues affecting them.
Kagame’s warning to exiles bent on destablising Rwanda comes hardly a month when his former army chief of staff Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa threatened to oust the Kigali government.
Speaking to City Press a few weeks ago, Nyamwasa warned: “At the moment I don’t envisage war. I believe we can get rid of Kagame through peaceful means.”
“We are hoping for an uprising in Rwanda. In that case, he’ll be gone within three months. He’s a coward; he’ll run. Don’t be surprised if we extract him from a pipe like the Libyans did with Muammar Gaddafi,” he said.
The statement provoked the South Africa government’s wrath, cautioning Nyamwasa against such threats.
Meanwhile, Kagame told Gicumbi residents he would be visiting regularly for discussions on progress and what’s missing in their lives.
Others who have in the past threatened to topple Kagame include his former Spy Chief Col. Patrick Karegeya.
“I am here to ask you to continue with the struggle because we still have hurdles ahead, we can’t slow down now,” Kagame inspired Gicumbi residents.
He asked the residents to trade with residents of the neighbouring country but avoid trade in Kanyanga.
“The government will deliver the necessary infrastructure. It’s upon us to utilize the infrastructure adequately for our gain. Gicumbi residents are part of our liberation history and therefore part of the story of our progress,” he advised.
“We should all work hard and eradicate, not reduce poverty. You all know this is possible if we work together. Every one of you has what it takes to get where they want. If we all work together, we can even go beyond our expectations,” said Kagame.
The president was concerned by locals’ complaints that Pembe flour industry does not buy their wheat.
Kagame asked concerned ministries to find a lasting solution to the problem.
On the same day, Kagame asked the Gicumbi Mayor to ensure workers complaining of nonpayment by a defaulting entrepreneur are helped.
He also asked authorities to look for the entrepreneur and bring him to book.
Kagame was impressed by a poultry farmer who transformed his life from rags to riches because of hard work.
The President said the farmer had achieved a lot because he built on support by Government to attain his dreams.
Thereafter, a local presented Kagame with a gift symbolizing national liberation and protection.
Source: News.


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