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Kagame faces three challengers in August 9 Presidential elections

“Partial truth is worse than a lie. What the author of this piece achieved in presenting the news about the challengers of Kagame in the upcoming presidential elections is to get us the readers find them genuine. Something they are not.”
Ambroise N.see below.

President Paul Kagame will face three challengers in Rwanda’s August 9 presidential elections, the electoral commission of the central African country announced Wednesday.

Social Democratic Party candidate and Deputy Parliament Speaker Jean Damascene Ntawukuriryayo, the Liberal Party’s Prosper Higiro and Alvera Mukabaramba of the Progress and Harmony Party – the only woman candidate – will challenge Kagame in the ballot.

Mr Kagame, who has led Rwanda since the end of the 1994 genocide, is the favourite to win the vote. Rights groups have accused Mr Kagame of stifling any form of dissent in recent months, while the US blamed Rwandan authorities of taking “worrying actions” to restrict freedom of expression ahead of the presidential poll.

“They are the four candidates who were cleared because they fulfilled the legal requirements,” said Charles Munyaneza, the electoral commission’s secretary. Opposition leader Victoire Ingabire who tried to register her party for the election was briefly detained on charges of denying genocide and collaborating with a terrorist group.

Another opposition candidate who intended to run for the top seat was arrested last month and charged with a terrorism offence and his trial alongside nine co-accused is under way
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Ambrose N. reacts to this article and clarifies the situation:

I would like to highlight the bias and misleading character of the article. Partial truth is worse than a lie. What the author of this piece achieved in presenting the news about the challengers of Kagame in the upcoming presidential elections is to get us the readers find them genuine. Something they are not.

Dr. Jean Damascene Ntawukuriryayo, Rwanda’s Deputy Speaker of Parliament, cannot challenge President Paul Kagame and the RPF in the upcoming August presidential elections. He is a former Health Minister and his Social Democratic Party (PSD) have been sleeping in the same bed with RPF since 1994 and in 2003 elections, PSD backed the RPF candidate. The President of PSD, Dr.Vincent BIRUTA, became the Speaker of Parliament then and there-after, till now the Speaker of the Rwandan Senate-the second Supreme Organ in the Country and Number two in hierarchy according to the Rwandan Constitution and also the Deputy Speaker of Parliament is not far away from the top hierarchy and decision makers of the Land.

The usual master plan is already known: the right time the stooge candidate will urge his supporters to vote for the incumbent. It’s very clear that PSD is an RPF satellite and affiliated Party and has never been in opposition since 1994. It is just coming in to escort and give legitimacy to the RPF Candidate and hoodwink the international community that the elections are free and fair.

The Permanent Consultative Council of Opposition Parties in Rwanda has strongly condemned this new RPF strategy of doing away with the real and genuine political opposition by embracing its coalition Partners, PSD and PL as its new opposition.

PSD and PL have never stood up publicly to challenge the RPF regime, they have never denounced the injustices of the RPF against the population, they have never confronted the RPF for the democratization of the country, they have always been comfortable with the RPF-established clientele system and they have always supported all RPF activities without giving any critic publicly.

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[…] Le président Kagame sera confronté à trois adversaires dont deux ex-ministres, lors de la présidentielle du 9 août 2010 au Rwanda. Les deux anciens ministres en lice sont Jean-Damascène Ntawukuriryayo, candidat du Parti social démocrate (PSD) et actuel vice-président de l’Assemblée nationale, et Prosper Higiro du Parti libéral (PL) qui est aussi vice-président du Sénat. Sur la liste figure aussi une femme, la sénatrice Alvera Mukabaramba, membre du Parti du progrès et de la concorde (PPC). Des candidats sans danger pour le président sortant. Related: – Kagame faces three challengers in August 9 Presidential elections. […]

2 susan phelps { 07.10.10 at 3:48 pm }

The partial truth is worse than a lie ! Yes I agree ! also the FARCE that has surrounded the Rwandan tragedy since 1990 !!!! 20yrs later Kagame continues his BLATANT LIES helped by the US , UK and the International Comunity !!!!! When is it going to stop ?
Rwanda was ATTACKED by KAGAME in 1990 ! RWANDA was NOT AT WAR !!!! Convenient the word GENOCIDE lets now add COLTAN and much more !!!!! Maybe we should enlighted Mr Blair !!!!

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