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Kagame Blasts Congo

President Paul Kagame and First Lady Jeannette Kagame on Saturday joined thousands of Rwandans and friends of Rwanda who gathered at the Westin Copley Hotel in Boston to celebrate Rwanda Day 2012 themed ‘Agaciro: The Journey Continues.’

The event which brought together Rwandans from North American Diaspora and Rwanda kicked off on Friday, 21 September with exhibitions by Rwandan institutions, presentations and entertainment.
In his address to the thousands of jubilant Rwandans and friends of Rwanda, President Kagame passes on greetings from his country and thanked all those who had travelled from different places to be part of the event.
Kagame told the gathering that it is every Rwandans responsibility to build their country and not delegate it to anyone else.
“It should be our pride to live in a dignified country. You must continually tell the story of your country. If you don’t tell the story of your country, someone else will do it the wrong way,” cautioned Kagame.
“The progress we have made has come devoid of short cuts and lies. Progress invites detractors, but it’s ok. We have the ability, desire and will, to define ourselves,” he said.
Kagame maintained “detractors will do their job and I will do mine,” adding, “if my progress hurts anyone, it’s not our intention, sorry.”
A friend of Rwanda and Honorary Consul to Boston, Bobby Sager said Rwanda was no longer defined by the 1994 genocide.
“If anyone is looking for a perfect leader, don’t look my way, looking for a perfect nation, not Rwanda.”
The President has been under heavy criticism by the international community for reportedly supporting the M23 mutineers in Congo, allegations he vehemently denies.
Kagame said Rwanda has recently been in the news for wrong reasons because of Congo crisis.
The President elaborated that Congo can’t manage her own problems.
“This has resulted in some development partners to withhold aid to Rwanda. I would have wished that the support they have taken from Rwanda would have been given to DRC to help them deal with their problems,” said Kagame.
“We can’t be people who benefit most from peace in the region whilst investing in destabilising the same region, we are the top beneficiaries of peace and stability of peace in Congo, we can’t invest in war,” President Kagame narrated.
“I am sure you have seen how people here work hard to develop their country and how ready they can be to defend it. This is why they have taken their different countries far, Rwanda can’t be an exception.”
“Rwandans back home, individually and collectively are working hard to develop their country. It’s my responsibility and it’s your responsibility to keep it going, it is my responsibility and yours too, to build our country, we cannot delegate this to anyone else,” Kagame advised.
He further blasted Rwanda’s critics, saying his country will always welcome constructive criticism but will not listen to non objective criticism.
“We will not accept to take imperfections from other people. We want to deal with our own imperfections.”

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