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“I’m ready for a peaceful resistance until the final victory” – Victoire Ingabire

In her interview with Norman S. Miwambo, Mrs Victoire Ingabire was asked the question:

What are you intending to do in the next couple of weeks, if things have not worked on your programme?

Victoire Ingabire’s answer:

We have already started to prepare our supporters for a non-violent resistance.
We avert violence and this is the motto of our action.
We know that after rigged elections and massive fraud this country will never be like before.
The incumbent and his supporters believe that they will use force to keep power; they forget that even bigger empires have collapsed. They have got no lessons from the history of apartheid, fascism and many other dictatorships. My intention is to stay alive, and I’m ready for a peaceful resistance until the final victory.

Source: Modern Ghana.

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