Green Party of Rwanda apologises and says: “We have not accused the Rwandan Government of any involvement in the death of our first Vice President” — Rwandinfo_ENG
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Green Party of Rwanda apologises and says: “We have not accused the Rwandan Government of any involvement in the death of our first Vice President”

Frank Habineza: forced to apologise over assassination of Green Party’s Vice-Chair.

Kigali – During the election campaigns, the Green Party accused the outspoken Education Minister Dr Charles Murigande of claiming their murdered vice president was killed in a car accident. That statement seems to have backfired.

The Green Party leader has now appologised to the Education Minister over the statement.

The genesis of the matter was after Dr. Murigande gave an interview in July to the Germany ARTE Television in which he was denying allegations that government was behind the death of the Green Party Leader.

“When Mr. Haider dies in a road accident, you do not accuse Austria of the murder,” said Dr. Murigande in French, referring to an Austrian opposition politician, to suggest that the Rwandan government cannot be blamed for every death that occurs in the country.

Joerg Haider, whose far-right and anti-foreigner rhetoric once led to months of international isolation for Austria – died in a car accident in October 2008.

However, in a statement on August 11, the Green Party leader Frank Habineza, who had picked the statement out of context, said the party was “much alarmed and disturbed” by Murigande’s comments.

“The Minister claimed that our First Vice President died in a car accident. This is completely wrong and misleading. It never happened. He was murdered and decapitated (his head was almost removed from his body), we have the photos to prove that and ARTE Television has also shown these photos,” said the Green Party in its statement at the time.

The Education Minister has now fired back in a letter on Monday to Frank Habineza – demanding that he review the ARTE Television clip and listen to the comments clearly. Dr. Murigande also demanded an apology or the matter goes to court – as he had been defamed.

The Green Party has heeded to the demands of the senior government minister.

“After re-playing the video web link on that television today and did not find that statement, we humbly regret any inconveniences this may have caused you and do hereby, withdraw our statement made on 11th August 2010, we are also removing that statement from our website and will inform every one that we had informed. We are also posting this statement on our website,” reads a Green Party statement.

“We regret any inconveniences and misconceptions that may have been caused on your name. Honorable Minister, please note that the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda has not accused the Rwandan Government of any involvement in the death of our first Vice President.”

The yet to be registered Green Party also picks on opportunity to “request the Government of Rwanda to quicken the investigations into the death of our First vice President, Andre Kagwa RWISEREKA and bring those criminals to justice as soon as possible.”


1 manyamuala { 09.16.10 at 6:13 am }

Kagame is going to come hard on those Rwandans who may have said anything negative against him during the events leading to 2010 elections.
The first thing he will do is to force them to withdraw anything they may have said. After the withdrawal, he will find some legal excuses to throw them in jail or worse. This is what is called “legal” method of permanently silencing your opponents! An apology is demanded first, then the mouth is shut by manufacturing some legal clauses to throw the people in jail! Mission accomplished! This method has been used over and over in many African countries ruled by dictators!

2 Muligo { 09.16.10 at 2:58 pm }

Poor Murigande is asking an apology from Frank Habineza! He deserves it…In turn, I hope that the born again minister who seems to have come to his senses this time around is going to apologise to the family of late Col Cyiza who was abducted and killed by DMIs in 2003. he did suggest then to foreign diplomats in Kigali that the victim’s left the country to join Hutu rebels in DRC. This kind of cynicism is totally unacceptable. In fact, many people believed Habineza’s misrepresentation of what Muligande truly said on the death of the V/president of Green Party because there was already a precedent. Never too late to do the good. MJ

3 fleur { 09.16.10 at 4:16 pm }

your are not wrong and the UK: UN :US: EU: continue to be guilty for the ” COVER UP ” !!!!!!

4 Prince { 09.17.10 at 6:16 am }

manyamuala, U are just a negativist, but there is nothing u can do all the same coz Rwanda will go on.

5 manyamuala { 09.18.10 at 9:06 am }

There is nothing worse than killing or causing the deaths of millions and millions unarmed poor Africans, then trying to demand that the people who are traumatized by the ordeal (a) not talk about it (b) denounce their ethnicity. Essentially, what is being introduced in Rwanda and only God knows where else, is violently stamping out ethnic groups those who believe African tribes were mistakes of creation!
I know of nobody who can forget about death of a loved one, leave alone the deaths of millions other than hard core brutes like you and those who are in your school of thought!

6 Frank Habineza { 10.15.10 at 4:03 am }

The Heading of this article, misrepresents our views.

Our stand is clear, we want the Government to bring to justice the killers of our Vice President, it is the responsibility of Government to Protect its citizens.

On 27th September, we wrote to President KAGAME, requesting his immediate action, details below:

1. Urgent Investigations into the Assassination of Green Party Vice President, Andre KAGWA RWISEREKA.

Mr. President, you are very much aware that our Vice President went missing on 13th July 2010 and the next day was found decapitated in Butare-Rwanda.

The police arrested one Thomas Ntivuguruzwa a few days later and assumed it was a business dispute, we ruled out that assumption, actually we found that version completely misleading, a few days later we heard that the above mentioned person was released from Police custody.

Our misery now is that ever since that release, we got a feeling that the investigators have adopted a posture of irresponsible passivity in the matter as we have never received any more information about these investigations. This is why we are appealing to you Mr. President to use all your powers and quicken these investigations, so that justice can be accorded and the criminals be brought to court and be punished. Then we can start having hope that such a thing will never happen again in modern Rwanda.

Mr. President, we are very committed to a peaceful democratization process of our country, but in such circumstances where a political leader is assassinated and justice is delayed, it increases political tensions.

Mr. President, as much as you promised Rwandans to sleep and not be bothered with insecurity threats, it is very hard for us to sleep and relax when we know that the killers of our Vice President are still out there at large waiting for the next prey to devour. Yet we know that if all security organs joined hands and started hunting down these criminals, they would not fail to arrest them and handle them over to relevant authorities, like they have done before in other cases.

Thank you very much


President, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda

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