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Genocide suspect General Paul Kagame wants “freedom from Human Rights Watch”

by Aimable Mugara.

Speaking to media in London on Sept. 16th Kagame said that he wants “freedom from Human Rights Watch.”
Show me someone who attacks human rights groups and I will show you a criminal.

2010 has not been a very good year for General Kagame, the Rwandan President. He claims to have won the election with 93 percent of the vote. He might as well claim that he got 100 percent considering how his “victory” only came after the suspicious beheading of an opposition leader, the suspicious murder of an independent journalist, the jailing of journalists, the jailing of opposition leaders, the jailing of opposition lawyers, the shutting down of independent media, and preventing opposition parties from taking part in the election.

A few weeks before the election, General Kagame was snubbed by Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who refused to meet Kagame because Spanish courts have accused Kagame’s top 40 army officers of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. This happened after pressure from Spain’s civil society and several political parties who did not want their Prime Minister to be seen with someone that Spain’s courts deem to be one of the worst criminals alive today.

A few months before that, Kagame had to run away from a graduation ceremony in Oklahoma where he was supposed to be the guest of honor. He ran away to escape from being served the court papers for a federal civil suit in Oklahoma brought against him by the widows of the two presidents that were killed in 1994, the event that sparked the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The widows sued Kagame arguing that they have evidence that Kagame is the one who committed that terrorist act. Kagame ran away to avoid being served.

A couple of months before that, his former close friend General Kayumba Nyamwasa who was also his Army Chief for many years ran away from Kagame and fled to South Africa. Later on, there was an assassination attempt against this General and the General says that he has no doubt that the attempt on his life was ordered by Kagame himself. Considering that South Africa has since withdrawn its ambassador from Rwanda, it appears that South Africa’s investigation may be pointing to Kigali too.

But the biggest nightmare ever for Kagame was when a UN draft report on crimes committed in the Democratic Republic of Congo was leaked to the media. The UN draft report shows that for a period of 10 years, Rwanda’s current Tutsi army committed genocide in the Congo against Hutu civilians. The report, which will be officially published on October 1, 2010 shows that the so-called “good guys” in Rwanda’s conflict are anything but. There is already a UN court that has been trying crimes committed by extremist Hutus. In order to end the culture of impunity on both sides in Rwanda, it will be vital to establish a UN court to try these genocide killings that were committed by the Tutsi army too.

With such a year, no wonder today when he was speaking to media in London (UK), he said that he wants “freedom from Human Rights Watch.” Show me someone who attacks human rights groups and I will show you a criminal.

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1 Muligo { 09.17.10 at 6:00 am }

Deep inside, PK is too honest a man. The guy ‘s openly admitting that he massacred “children, women, elderly people and the sick who posed no threat to his forces” but for the good of Rwanda. You see…let’s keep quiet about it. Rwanda’s moved on. Even that law against genocide ideology you hear about from time to time, it is pure fabrication, better a Human Rights Watch conspiracy against our visionary leader. Rwanda is too busy developing to worry about past acts of mass extermination!!! Too clever or outright dumb. Nothing between

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