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FDLR reactions to recent events in Rwanda and to various statements made by Rwandan officials

by Callixte Mbarushimana – Executive Secretary of the FDLR

Following the political, security, social and economic situation facing Rwanda, the wave of repression, intimidation, arrest and silencing of political opponents by the fascist regime of the RPF and bellicose statements made by officials in Kigali, the Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda (FDLR) wish to make this statement:

On the alleged FDLR members arrested by the authorities of Rwanda.

The FDLR declare that the three individuals that the authorities in Kigali have described as members of our organization have been approached and corrupted by the RPF regime, and then deserted the ranks of the FDLR since October 2007 for Habiyaremye and since May 2008 for Nditurende and Karuta.
Since then they have been serving the RPF regime in its macabre projects.

On the alleged collaboration between the UDF (FDU) and the FDLR.

The FDLR categorically reject the false statements of the fascist regime of the RPF that the UDF (FDU) of Ms. Victoire Ingabire would collaborate with the FDLR.

The reality is that there’s no sort of collaboration between the two organizations. Such unsubstantiated claims made by the Kigali regime are intended to sow fear, terror, confusion and tensions within organizations that are fighting against this regime so that they lower their guard and abandon the struggle that they are waging against injustice, inequality, exploitation of human beings orchestrated by Kigali.

The FDLR invite all women and all men who, in their daily struggle, fight for peace, truth, national reconciliation, the instauration of harmonious and truly republican and democratic institutions in Rwanda, not to let down their guard and not to fall into the trap that the enemy puts on their path by all sorts of subterfuge.

On arbitrary arrest and persecution of opponents by the RPF regime.

The FDLR condemn in the strongest terms the ongoing persecution of Rwandan political opponents within Rwanda by the RPF regime and the conscientious objectors in both Rwanda and outside of Rwanda. They condemn particularly arrest, imprisonment and humiliation of political opponents that the RPF regime accuses of all evils.

The FDLR urge the Rwandan authorities to immediately release all political prisoners languishing in Rwandan deadly prisons and to truly open the political space to all Rwandans eager of peace, freedom and justice who are willing to participate in development of their motherland through the expression of the popular will.

The FDLR remind the RPF regime that it is an inalienable right of any Rwandan to speak freely on all issues concerning the past, the present and the future of his/her country and that nobody has the right to stop him/her from exercising that right.

On the hawkish statements of Ms. Mushikiwabo.

The FDLR condemn unequivocally and call on all women and all men who love peace and justice to condemn the recent statements made by the Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms Louise Mushikiwabo, that Rwanda is ready to go again in the DRC to fight the FDLR.

These irresponsible and hawkish statements made by a senior official of the Rwandan authorities show unequivocally that it is Rwanda that is the source and the vector of insecurity in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

The FDLR urge Rwanda to stop once and for all its bellicose behavior and accept a negotiated peaceful solution to political problems of Rwanda by agreeing unconditionally to sit on a negotiating table with the FDLR rather than using permanently the threat of war.

The FDLR are willing to provide assistance in finding the truth about the Rwandan tragedy and the crisis that is ravaging the African Great Lakes Region in order to insure equal justice for all.

The FDLR remain committed to peace and support all initiatives aimed at finding peacefully a definitive solution to the political problem of Rwanda which is the basis of the entire African Great Lakes region crisis.

Done in Paris on April 28, 2010

Callixte Mbarushimana
Executive Secretary of the FDLR
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