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Declaration of the US Department of State about Peter Erlinder’s incarceration in Rwanda

During the US Department of State daily press briefing, a question has been raised about Peter Erlinder’s conditions in Rwanda jail.
Here is what the Assistant Secretary Philip J. Crowley had to say.

On May 25th, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State on African Affairs Johnnie Carson gave a testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health in Washington, DC, and said:
“The political environment ahead of the election has been riddled by a series of worrying actions taken by the Government of Rwanda, which appear to be attempts to restrict the freedom of expression.”

“We have relayed our concerns about these developments to the Government of Rwanda, urging senior government leaders to respect freedoms of expression, press, association, and assembly.”

If Peter Erlinder is killed in the Rwandan jail, how will the US explain their lack of commitment to request his immediate release?

QUESTION: Do you have any update on the status of this American lawyer who was arrested in Rwanda? There are some reports that he tried to kill himself in prison this morning.

MR. CROWLEY: I can’t say.

QUESTION: And apparently, his wife or his family is trying to – is seeking a meeting here at the State Department.

MR. CROWLEY: All I can tell you is that we have visited and spoken with Peter Erlinder. He was taken to the hospital this morning and remained there overnight for observation. His U.S. and Rwandan attorneys have had access to him and we expect that due process will be accorded by the Rwandans in a timely and transparent way.

QUESTION: Do you know why he was taken to the hospital?

MR. CROWLEY: I do not.


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1 Peace Harvey { 06.03.10 at 7:34 am }

MR. CROWLEY is not being forthcoming with the truth. Didn’t Hillary tell him about it? It has been leaked that Kigali sought permission to arrest Peter Erlinder from the Department of State. That’s how it took long before they arrested him. They knew before hand that he was going there.

2 marie kampororo { 06.03.10 at 3:52 pm }

The silence of US state deparment since P. Erlinder was jailed in Rwanda is really suspiscious; As we remember, the CLINTON have rushed to deliver any American citize who was jailed in foregn countries…in Corea, in Haiti, etc. The medias kept voicing until Americans were fred from prison.. ..Why they do not do the same for P Erlinder????
Let’s follow up

3 akech { 06.12.10 at 8:16 am }

The real reasons behind the 1994 Rwandan gencide, which took the live 800,000 Rwandan while the world maintained hands off, must not be allowed to come out at all costs! The Rwandan genocide was a well thought out precursor to the ongoing mineral plundering genocide that has taken the lives of 6 million Congolese Africans in the CONGO BASIN. Paul Kagame, the darling of the western corporations based in Rwanda, has put his African face so hat he could be the fall guy shuld the real truth come out.
What Kagame is doing is a duplication of what Augusto Pinochet did in Chile decades ago. The difference is: Kagame is licensed to into tthe neighboring countries to exterminate Africans or anybody with an opposing view so that Congolese mineral can be looted. Rwanda does not have any resources, but, it hasthe “brave” Paul Kagame willing to depopulate Congo Basin so that these minerals can be obtained!

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