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Bernard Ntaganda ousted by party PS-Imberakuri

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Bernard Ntaganda

Bernard Ntaganda

Hundreds of PS Imberakuri party members have ousted their leader at an impromptu conference in Kigali. Mr. Bernard Ntaganda is said to be in hiding, RNA can reveal.

Up to 1,000 delegates flooded into Kigali Wednesday morning, with some chanting ‘he must go’. The rowdy group converged with just one item on agenda – to vote out Mr. Bernard Ntaganda. The new team includes a woman.

Mr. Ntaganda has not been seen in public yet.



1 Okello { 03.17.10 at 9:30 am }

Another Ingabireism. Ntaganda is not a politician he is one of those who think that Africa will be built on the foundation of tribalism and anyway that is fasle. Bye Ntaganda

2 Dunia { 03.22.10 at 7:24 am }

I don’t think you understand the concept of democracy. You have ousted the pillar of our opposition party to rally the FPR forum.
Whatever happens We, rwandan people still regard Bernard as the president of PS.

Most rich and developed countries have manyopposition parties, but in this country , because of fear of RPF, you have destroyed the party. Bernard could be one ot the strong opponents of Kagame and therefore you voted againts him.

I was in the same meeting and I saw that most of you need the changes in our countries but fear again Kagame and therefore dont blame you or myself.

I hope you will understadn that you have made big mistakes, I am quite sure most of you dont sleep very well because you know that RPF is not willing to accept democracy for fear of losing power.

Together, we can win.yes we can. but without Bernard we have lost. Without him, what are doing? ??? think about it again.

Only Democracy and oppositions can build our country for the long run. one political party of forum may build a country for few years(temporary) and thereafter destroy what they have built.

Remember,the vast majority our country are not involved in decision making and only less that the half of English speakers from Uganda can decide.

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