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Be tough on Kagame, do not beg for his favours!

Kagame Bloody Hands

Why negociate power sharing with genocidaire Kagame?

This is a crucial moment. The times have changed, we must adapt our strategies.
I am still surprised to notice that, even at this stage, Rwandan opposition is still pleading with the genocide suspect General Kagame begging for a power-sharing with unrepenting criminals.
Instead of using most of their energy calling for Kagame to open up political space, Rwandans and peace lovers should, in my opinion, use that energy in targeting the UN, governements, religious institutions, and any other organisations which might have some influence, urging them to put Kagame in quarantine and require that he and his officers are brought to justice.
Why keep negociating with a criminal when at last the incriminating evidence we all knew about is finally being echoed by a credible body such as the UN HCHR?

Three immediate actions are needed:

1.- Start and maintain a campaign focusing on UN now and requesting total end of cover up! Prevent that the final HCHR report is amended to please genocidaire Kagame et his allies. Request recognition of previous reports which had been put under the carpet.

2.- Consistently contact decision makers, parliamentarians and lobbyists in various countries and explain the dangers of keeping associated with genocide. Deter them from continuing to cover up the crimes which have cost more than 6 million people now. Remind every day western taxpayers that their money allocated to the Rwandan budget has been funding a genocide in Rwanda and Congo and that it is now time to put things right.

3.- Request with persistence that the international community helps Rwandans to hunt down Kagame and bring him to justice.

Are you ready for that?

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1 marie kampororo { 09.01.10 at 8:53 pm }

I agree 100% with the author of the article above. I have been saddened by this opposition parties’ call for a transitional government in which the ruling party would be member????While the whole world is now being enlightened on how millions and millions of Rwandans have been exterminated by Kagame, political leaders of opposition are setting their own agenda!!!!!
I hope this would be sweat and not blood!!!!!!!!What we need is not rushing to ministerial posts, but rather, to unite our efforts to help UN report not tobe buried. We need the whole truth to come out first through the CONFERENCE “TRUTH, PEACE and RECONCILIATION” before setting up a UNITY GOVERNMENT.
If the opposition doesn’t fight for that CONFERENCE and rushes to sharing the power with Kagame, on my opinion, there would be no difference between them and Kagame.

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