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General Kagame supports western military attacks on Libya

On Tuesday 22 March, General Kagame appeared live on BBC Have-Your-Say and answered questions from the public. He praised the UN and countries which took the initiative to launch a military intervention in Libya.
Listen to him:
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One wonders why if the West really cared about humanitarian needs that they have virtually ignored the situation in La Cote D’Ivoire, no oil perhaps and even another scenario, that the lives of Black Afrikans are not as important as those north of the sahara – food for thought.”
Dr. Kwame Osei in The attacks on Libya – Western double standards?

On this issue, General Kagame contrasts with his mentor and neighbour Yoweri Museveni who, two days before, (New Vision 21th March) had attacked the Western countries for their military action in Libya and accused them of double standards. Many commentators still wonder why those countries full of blatant and arrogant hypocrisy have done nothing to intervene and protect the civilians in the African Great Lakes region, where more than six millions have already been slaughtered by the same Kagame, his army and his allies since 1990.

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