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Press Freedom in Rwanda: Paul Kagame Is Tough On Journalists

According to Reporters Without Borders,  Kagame is still among the world’s Predators of Press Freedom:

The fact that respect for press freedom is enshrined in the constitution does not mean it is a reality. President Paul Kagame knows all about that. He tolerates no embarrassing questions at press conferences, frequently insults independent journalists and brands all critical media outlets as new versions of “Radio Mille Collines,” the radio station that encouraged the 1994 genocide.

The government cannot deny the obvious – it is tough being an independent journalist in Kigali. The authorities target any journalist, local or foreign, who puts out news they do not like or who violates the taboos of the society rebuilt by the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), which came to power after overthrowing the genocidal Hutu regime and ending its massacres.

In 2008, a Ugandan journalist was declared persona non grata, a Tanzanian journalist was deported and three other journalists were forcibly expelled from a ceremony marking World Press Freedom Day. Every year several Rwandan journalists decide to go into exile because they find the atmosphere unbearable in their home country. This does not worry President Kagame, who refers to journalists as “mercenaries” or “bums”.

Reporters Without Borders –

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